January 28, 2017


soul expansion

Embodying The Light – A Soul Expansion Series


This 4 part series facilitated by Andrew Martin begins on Sunday, May 7th at 12PM ET
Sessions are a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance, and interactive Q&A for the group.
Attendees may join via their computer, mobile device, or dial in via telephone.

Dates: Sunday, May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. Each session runs from 12PM – 2PM ET
Tickets may be purchased for each session individually or as a package at a discounted rate.

For so long we’ve seen our light or our Divine Spark as an internal thing. That spark is still within us, but the work that we have been doing has nurtured that spark and it is expanding beyond the confines of the physical vessel. As we merge with the energy field, the physical body continues to shift and become unified with the Light Body.

The energy of May reminds us to shift our focus from an external idea of what we want our life to be. Our ideal life isn’t an external destination. It’s an internal vibration. As that vibration grows and expands it becomes more powerful and re-writes the matrix. We are now living and embodying that idea in our everyday life. As the old timelines and the structures that they support collapse, we are living each moment as a clean slate ready for us to create our new world. The Arcturians have stepped forth into Andrew’s awareness to offer powerful insights and information which will be a big part of this series.

Join Andrew to discuss the the shfits that this awareness brings while immersing yourself in the sublime energies that will come in for the group. Andrew will bring through powerful energies and information to support the participants in expanding into the next phase of their journey. Using a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance, and practical wisdom; Andrew will guide the group to a deeper understanding of how to navigate the new energetic landscape.


This series consists of 2 hour sessions on Sundays from 12PM – 2PM ET
An MP3 recording of each session will be provided to participants after each call so they can review the information and re-immerse themselves in the powerful energy work whenever they desire.