December Energy Forecast – Wanting What You Need

December is calling us to learn the mastery of the simplest things. To be in acceptance of what is present in our lives right now. Aligning ourselves with the flow regardless of what the external world is showing us. Allowing what we need to be what we want is a Master Level choice! It’s not[…]

June 2016 Energy Update – Tough Love Lessons

Here we go! Needless to say, the energies this week have been crazy intense! I am calling them The Steamroller of Love! Comfort zone? Gone. Safety net? Gone. Illusions? Dying on the vine. Every last one. That’s what this Ascension game is all about, folks. Freeing ourselves. Freeing ourselves from all of it. Liberating ourselves[…]

Rise Up

Rise Up. There is always a higher way. Choosing another perspective is the only way you can shift your current circumstances. Standing within the frequency of your obstacle binds you to it. When you want to create something new…choose again from another vantage point. Imagine that you are standing on a platform. The platform represents[…]